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When you put yourself on a diet you may be setting yourself up for failure from the start.

Diets, Can Be Stressful


It’s true. Diets are stressful. Stress causes hormones to be released that start a whole chain reaction of eating issues for a lot of people. This is why weight loss with hypnosis is so powerful: change your behavior and your weight will begin to melt off you.

Under stress, many people eat for relief, which, unfortunately, lasts only as long as the last bite. The problems will suddenly reappear. The reality is, they never went away. The inevitable feelings of being a failure set in. Not only didn’t you solve your problems, you created a new one, right there around your waist.

The solution?

Find tools besides a fork to attack emotional angst. In the time it takes to forage for your favorite quick-fix food, you can take steps to break the cycle, beat stress, eliminate emotional eating and yes, finally drop that excess weight for good without even trying.

Food cravings, especially for emotional eaters, mean you want something else. It could be creative stimulation, companionship, or more satisfaction in life. What are your eating triggers? Boredom, frustration, and loneliness? Once you figure out what the real issue is you have a great chance to change the behavior. Here’s how to figure it out and “feed” your real issue.

1. Keep a food journal.

Every time you reach for food, write down what you eat and how you were feeling. Patterns will emerge. Once you recognize the pattern you are on a path to start to break it.

2. Shop for some new “stimulants.”

Do you eat when you’re bored? Time to make a new “grocery” list: buy inexpensive, accessible things such as books, CDs, and tapes or DVDs of favorite films that provide the emotional lift you’re seeking from food. Keep them handy, and turn to them when you’re down.

3. Call your best friend.

Do you eat to escape painful feelings? Make a human connection instead of eating. Call someone who makes you feel good.

4. Create new habits.

Find a hobby. When you’re engrossed in something you love, you forget all about eating, especially if you’re active. Falling in love with an activity like walking or bicycling is even better.

5. Head toward your dreams.

Moving towards goals, one little step at a time is satisfying. With taking a simple, small step forward the feelings of empowerment and accomplishment provide a heady satisfaction that begins a cycle of satisfaction and for many, satisfaction without food.

6. Find new rewards.

Like most people, you probably eat to celebrate happiness too. Find new, affordable rewards such as earrings or tickets to a play or movie.

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